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Dipesh Hamal

Digital Trainer

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Hi, I’m Dipesh Hamal! I’m 25 years old living a laptop lifestyle, I love to travel, enjoy the Music and read a lot! I do a lot of experimentation when it comes to Marketing Campaigns and Setting Up Digital products!


My Story

My Story starts when I decided to quit Jobs in 2018 when I couldn’t handle the mundane and boring life! I couldn’t see myself sitting in a 4×4 Cubicle looking at the black screen and whiling away 18 hours per day of my life while talking to some dude ( client ). Nyah! that wasn’t me. I knew I always had my calling in the education field. I knew I had the fire to teach and change people’s lives with the way I teach and that’s when I co-founded Marketing Solutions Nepal, a digital marketing Institute based out of Kathmandu. After working with over 100+ offline students and multiple clients, I decided to reach out to more people in the form of an online course, As a digital marketing sales consultant, I understand how crucial it is to gain followers to spread your ideas and establish a firm base of your expertise in the industry.
The course helps grow their followers and this got us good over 500+ successful students, and now my second level program is about becoming a digital trainer by setting up online courses and digital products and creating an ecosystem around you! Super excited to kick-off this course!

My Values & Beliefs

Work Hard, Play Hard

I usually work 126 hours per week, that’s 18 hours per day! But I love doing what I do, during my week offs, I play the guitar, travel the world and have crazy adventures! I truly believe in the theory of work hard and then play hard! 

Believe In Yourself

A lot of the conflict you have in your life exists simply because you’re not living in alignment; you’re not be being true to yourself. If you think you can, you will! Believe in yourself and the world seems different. 

I believe in building strong teams and communities

I truly believe without a strong team, you can never achieve greatness, at the same time, build a community of 1000 true fans who will be ready to buy anything from you! 

My Approach

 I believe that there is something truly uplifting about the art of imparting skills and educating talented individuals. In short, I’m here to help you discover your fire and become the best version of yourself by giving you with the most important and minimalist things to work on, so that you can save time and make more money in the process! It’s not about doing many thing, it’s about doing small and basic things in a grand way! 

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